Cademia is going even better!

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Cademia is going even better!

Postby kasper » Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:49 pm

Hello Cademia team,

Since the last version i've played with, cademia is becoming much better! The new interface is much nicer, the scaling etc feels faster. [Is this true, i'm not sure?] In an earlier post I asked for blocks and a layer menu [still urgent]. The introduced cells are a hopefull begin. I hope there will be a possibility to save your own.
The list 'layer' is for me too short to be handy, because of my amount of layers.

The path tool is something i'd like to have an addition for. A double line tool in wich directly double lines can be created would be very nice.

The normal 'cut and paste' behaviour and something like 'paste in original position' are also wanted.

In use I tend to make mistakes. About not having anything selected or not the area for mouse strokes. Maybe the 'CADEMIA errors' can be switched off or give only a short flash or something.

Professionally i'm still bound to a commercial product, but I see Cademia coming closer to my needs! I can't wait till the day will come I can change.

The video-tutorial is a good idea. Maybe there can be a few more of them in wich specific operations can be showed. The intelligence of the construction of lines etcetera can be helpfully showed this way. The one on the site is now like a tutorial and advertisement at the same time.

Best regards, Kasper
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Re: Cademia is going even better!

Postby bf » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:08 pm

Hi Kasper,

Good to see that you like the version 2 of CADEMIA. Thank you also very much for the feedback on the version. Subsequently you find my comments.

Cells: These are defined as macros and you can define your own cells using the CADEMIA command language. Just store your macros in a directory and then you can place them in a drawing.

Layers: You can define your own layers with the addLayer command. The definitions should be stored inside a CADEMIA macro. Here is an example that you can write with a text editor:
// First layer
addLayer #menu(Name) MyName
#menu(Semantics) "My test semantics"
// Second layer
addLayer #menu(Name) MyName2
#menu(Semantics) "My test semantics 2"
// Last layer
addLayer #menu(Name) MyNameN
#menu(Semantics) "My test semantics N"

Save the file as for instance addMyLayers.cademia_macro. When the drawing is loaded then run this macro with the play command. This step can even be automated so that your layers are defined automatically.

Double line path: In CADEMIA the double lining can be done in a second step by the help of the offset command. Just select the path and then offset it through a constructed point or by a fixed distance to be entered. The offset command has a bug in RC1 that we have fixed already in RC2 which is to be released soon.

Cut and paste is still on our wish list.

Error output: The command invocation should now be completely context sensitive. This means that only those menu items are enabled that can be executed against the selected components. This is not true for mouse strokes. These cannot behave context sensitively and are designed more or less for power users. One thing that I see at the moment is if you digitize in a window where digitizing is not allowed in a certain context then an error message is shown. Is it this behavior that should be changed? We could easily do that.

Video-tutorial: Currently we are updating the online-help. This has really been postponed too often in the past. We fully agree that the tutorial should be replaced by videos and we are currently woking on this issue.

Once again thank you for your feedback! It helps us and our users a lot.

Best regards,
Berthold Firmenich
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Re: Cademia is going even better!

Postby kasper » Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:35 pm

Yes I like it. The strong progress the program makes will surely make it more atractive to other users.

To react on your answers:

The code you provide is clear, altough generally I'm not into code-writing. The reason to aks for a layer-dialog is to be able also to delete layers. And it's during the making of a drawing also sometimes useful to be able to switch off the visibility of a layer. But maybe you have also code solutions for visibility and deleting layers. That would be fine as well.
I tried your code for the example layers, [I understood what it's about] but it didn't workout the way I wanted. I copied your text exactly into notepad and renamed the file into layers.cademia_macro but it didn't really workout as to be expected. There might be a small mistake somewhere. I make an attachment to my post.

Generally this way of use is also for non-code users like myself easy enough to learn. I'm not sure if this is also true for the cells. I opened a few in notepad but this seems more specialistic code-writing.

Maybe it is an idea to make a small section for the using of small code sections. You might have more small examples of things to personalize this way.

The use I want to make of my own cells is more like saving groups of objects with their respected layers and attributes. Is this also possible?

Double line path:
I still think such a tool would ease the drawing process. In what you describe it seems you don't describe the next steps; drawing 'caps' to the both lines and joining them into one object. I was writing about the creation of wall for instance. Now I use the rectangle command and I extrude them manually. It works good, but takes time. When you could give in a thickness and continue permanently until you want another thickness, this is seriously driving up the drawing speed.

Error message:
Yes this is about digitizing in a window where digitizing is not allowed and maybe also other mistakes like that. Maybe something like:'don't show this message again during this session' Then you have click it every session once, but it's not permanently disabled.

Regards, Kasper
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