How to save the database under a particular name



Mouse gestures


Command name



Saves the current database in a file denoted by the user. There are different file formats are available.

Saving as a native document: The file extension of native CADEMIA documents is cademia. It should be noted that only this format allows to save the full content of the database. More...

Saving as a DXF document:Alternatively, DXF documents can be saved. In contrast to DXF export, the main group of the current database is stored as the ENTITIES section in the DXF file - independently of the currently open group. More...

Saving as a DWG document: First, the document is temporarily saved as a DXF file as described above. In a second step the DXF file is converted to a DWG file. The conversion is performed using the Internet based service CloudConvert. As a prerequisite the user must be registered at CloudConvert and the Internet mus be accessible. More...