How to open a database


Ctrl+O   ⌘O

Mouse gestures


Command name



Opens a database from a file. The user is prompted to save any unsaved changes of the current database.

Loading native documents: The file name extension of CADEMIA documents is cademia. It is, however, possible to use an arbitrary file name extension. This feature allows the user to load older CADEMIA documents with file extension cib.

Loading DXF documents: DXF documents can be loaded. In contrast to DXF import, the ENTITIES section of the DXF file is transferred as the main group, regardless of the currently open group. More...

Loading DWG documents: DWG files are converted to DXF files before loading. The conversion is performed using the Internet based service CloudConvert. As a prerequisite the user must be registered at CloudConvert and the Internet must be accessible. More...