How to import a DXF or DWG file



Mouse gestures


Command name



Imports a DXF file into the current database. The ENTITIES section of the DXF file is added to the open group.

If a DWG file is to be imported, it will first be converted to a temporary DXF file. This conversion is performed using the Internet based service CloudConvert. As a prerequisite the user must be registered at CloudConvert and the Internet must be accessible. More...

Import configuration

Important parameters like the scale factor and the coordinate unit are not defined in a DXF file. The user has to specify these parameters. It is important to adjust the settings of the database before importing because a correction is not possible afterwards.


The data import reflects the structure of the DXF file.

From the TABLES section the STYLE, LTYPE and LAYER tables are imported to CADEMIA.

From the ENTITIES section the following types are imported into CADEMIA: ARC, ATTDEF, ATTRIB, CIRCLE, DIMENSION, ELLIPSE, HATCH, INSERT, LINE, LWPOLYLINE, MTEXT, POLYLINE, SOLID, TEXT and VERTEX. INSERTs are resolved from the referenced block in the BLOCKS section and are represented as groups.

BLOCK and INSERT entities are represented in CADEMA as named groups and references. ATTRIB- and ATTDEF entities are mapped to extrinsic features.

All other entity types are skipped. ImportDXF keeps track of the imported entities and shows a report at the end of the command.

After importing

Various options are available that have been established, in part, for the processing of CADENAS components with the standard DXF import: