How to import a DXF file

Command: importDXF

Description: Imports a DXF file. It has to be noted that the used drawing scale and natural unit are not defined in DXF. Therefore the user is responsible for the correct specification of these two parameters.

The correct drawing scale has to be specified in advance by the user. The natural unit has to be specified interactively by the user. This value can be different from the actual natural units defined in the database.

It should be noted that the current drawing is not automatically cleared before the import. The DXF data is added to the drawing.

From the TABLES section the STYLE, LTYPE and LAYER tables are imported to CADEMIA.

From the ENTITIES section the following types are imported into CADEMIA: ARC, ATTDEF, ATTRIB, CIRCLE, DIMENSION, ELLIPSE, HATCH, INSERT, LINE, LWPOLYLINE, MTEXT, POLYLINE, SOLID, TEXT and VERTEX. INSERTs are resolved from the referenced block in the BLOCKS section and are represented as groups.

All other entity types are skipped. ImportDXF keeps track of the imported entities and shows a report at the end of the command.

DXF distinguishes between model and paper space. CADEMIA contains a model space but not a paper space. ImportDXF yields best results for entities stored in DXF model space. The user can define how paper space entities should be handled: They can be ignored or they can be imported to CADEMIA, the latter often yielding suboptimal results.