How to pick components and control points



Mouse gestures

Left click: Non-incremental mode
Left click + Shift ⇧: Incremental mode

Command name



This command is used to pick components in the open group by clicking with the mouse. Either whole components or primitive control points can be picked.

As an option, a component filter can be defined. The filter must be explicitly enabled. Currently, the filter can be configured to accept visible and/or invisible components.

Picking components

Pick a single component near a digitized (clicked) point. If more than one component is near the point, then the command can be issued repeatedly to select a specific component.

Two different modes of operation are available:

Picking control points

As a prerequisite the component must be already selected. The command then marks or unmarks control points if they are picked. The status of the operation is shown in the status bar. If the component has control points that coincide, the command can be issued repeatedly until the desired control point(s) are hit.