Package cib.util.dxf

Interface Summary
Attributes Represents the attributes of an entity.
ContentHandler Notifies about events while parsing a DXF source.

Class Summary
AttributesAdapter Implementation of the Attributes interface.
ContentHandlerAdapter Default implementation of a Content Handler.
DXFPrinter Parses a DXF source and prints events to the sandard output stream.
DXFReader A DXFParser instance reads a DXF source and notifies the registered Content Handler about occurring events.
DXFWriter DXFWriter instances represent DXF files to be writen.
ObjectCoordinateSystem Instances of this class represent the Object Coordinate System (OCS).

Enum Summary
ColorNumber An enumeration that represents all valid DXF color numbers.
GroupCode An enumeration that represents all valid DXF Group Codes.

Exception Summary
QuitDXFParserException Exception to be thrown by applications to cancel parsing.