Using CADEMIA 6 LE imperative

From 1.5.2018 network based CADEMIA products using web start technology will not run any more. Customers must download the replacement product, CADEMIA 6 LE (Local Edition), from their personal licence page, if they have not done so already.

The replacement product has at least the same functionality as the product used to date and contains all licensed plug-ins. After the download, any special installation is not required.

Switching to the replacement product CADEMIA LE (Local Edition)

What are the next steps?

  • Until 30.4.2018 your updates and the services you procured with the products are available.
  • The server from which you currently start CADEMIA will be taken off the network on 1.5.2018.
  • After that date, only our replacement product CADEMIA LE (Local Edition) will be functional on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • CADEMIA LE has the full functionality of your current product. Specifically developed applications are included.
  • We wish to make CADEMIA LE available to you as soon as possible in order to facilitate a seamless transition.
  • From 31.12.2017 you can download your personalised copy of CADEMIA LE from your personal licence site.

In case of problems, but also for questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply send an email to

Notification regarding CADEMIA products

We have always done our best to be competent and reliable providers of CADEMIA products and services. Due to personal circumstances we cannot maintain our level of service in the future. An appropriate successor could not be found yet.

As things stand we have to terminate our representation and development of CADEMIA. The services around the products will also no longer be provided by us.

CADEMIA products are no longer distributed with immediate effect. During a one year transition phase, until 30.4.2018, we still offer our existing customers their due updates and services bought with their products.

The server from which CADEMIA is currently started will be removed from the network as from 1.5.2018. Within the transition phase mentioned above, we shall provide customers with a replacement product called CADEMIA LE (Local Edition), which runs on your local computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). Specifically developed applications will be included. Since CADEMIA LE runs in the same Java environment as the current product, no installation problems are expected. However, during the transition phase we shall be readily available to address any installation problems.

The replacement product CADEMIA LE has the same functionality as your current product and it is registered in your name. Furthermore it is guaranteed that you will be able to process all your existing CADEMIA files with the replacement product.

How to proceed? Until further notice, keep using your currently licenced CADEMIA product. As soon as the replacement product CADEMIA LE is available, we shall inform you. You then have ample time to download the new product and install it on your computer. We are available to address any problems.

In this way we hope to offer you a fair and sustainable solution. Please contact us with any questions you might have.


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