CADEMIA. Smart. Small. Flexible.

"Good 2D drawing program for small and large tasks. [...] It is absolutely worth the money and the annual updates are also kept very customer friendly. It is constantly being improved and expanded and the service is also top."

Michael Metzmeier, Seith Leitungsbau

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"I have been using CADEMIA for a number of years as an architect. The new version is even faster and more user friendly. It is also easy to learn."

Johann Mangold, Architects Mangold, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Building industry
Simple 2D CAD solution for the building planning More information

"At last a software system that delivers what it promises! Easy to use, super support! Transparent and logical structuring."

Uwe Weber, Authorized expert for electrical planning

Electrical planning
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"The system operation is intuitive. For this reason it is especially suitable to learn CAD."

Dr. Christian Koch, University of Nottingham

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CADEMIA - the clever 2D CAD software

CADEMIA products are a new generation of certified CAD software for true-to-scale technical drawings and documents. Smart, simple and extremely flexible, CADEMIA offers any CAD user a new way to work.

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Six good reasons for CADEMIA

No special installation required: Start CADEMIA simply by opening your personal licence page with a browser and clicking the link. Through our intelligent 'Web Start' technology you can instantly run your licenced CADEMIA copy on any computer, anywhere in the world.

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac: Use CADEMIA irrespective of your installed operating system.

Certified security: With CADEMIA you always have the latest software, signed by a digital certificate to protect the security of your computer.

Easy and complete: CADEMIA contains a complete set of easy to use tools for true-to-scale CAD documents.

Services: We offer comprehensive and efficient services for our products as well as instruction. As such it is the perfect solution for the professional CAD user.

Development platform: CADEMIA is not only a CAD application, but specifically a development platform as well. With CADEMIA-Platform we support you in software development, software deployment and the support of your specialised engineering application based on CADEMIA.


Still not convinced?

Test our CADEMIA Software - our test product gives you the chance to try an almost-fully functional version of CADEMIA – for free!

Or compare our CADEMIA products with the help of our product overview.



  • Launch via Web-Browser
  • Optimal integration into the platform via shortcut and file association
  • Rules applying to bought licences
    • A licence entitles you to use CADEMIA on an arbitrary number of computers of your choice
    • A licence entitles you to use CADEMIA at a given time on a single computer only
  • Standard hardware sufficient
  • Executable on the platforms
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux

Intuitive user interface

  • Usable both by experts and occasional users
  • Safe operation by reliable UNDO/ REDO
  • Deft usage by interruptible commands (for instance to zoom at any time during the construction process)
  • High quality rendering
  • Multi-window technique
  • Mouse gestures for power users
  • Numerical input with integrated scientific calculator

Internationalisation and Localisation

  • Distribution of English and German localisation
  • Other languages on request
  • Support of metric and imperial units


  • DXF und DWG import and export
  • PDF export vector oriented (not via printer)

Extensibility/ Programming

  • Plug-Ins in Java
  • Macros in the CADEMIA command language

CAD functionality

  • Efficient when processing large amounts of data
  • Complex shapes bounded by lines, circular arcs and Bézier curves
  • Integration of complex texts (text layout)
  • Import of raster images
  • Complete set of modification commands
    • Coordinate transformations
    • Hierarchical groups
    • Extending and trimming segments
    • Offsetting segments
    • Splitting and breaking segments
    • Filleting and chamfering corners
    • Smashing and joining components
    • Changing features
  • Symbol libraries
    • Integration of CADENAS PARTcommunity
    • Own symbols based on parametrized macros
  • Associative dimensioning and crosshatching
  • Drawing attributes conforming to standards
    • while editing
    • while printing
  • Input of natural units (metric or imperial) in an adjustable user coordinate system
  • Efficient construction and selection
  • Manipulation of properties (features) by the user


CADEMIA Professional is the beginning of a new generation of certified CAD software for true-to-scale engineering drawings and documents.


CADEMIA-Expert is a fully-functional version of our flagship CAD program CADEMIA-Professional. It is available for professional and commercial use.


CADEMIA-Learning is a fully-functional version of our flagship CAD program CADEMIA-Professional. It is available to users from all spheres of education and training (students, teachers, apprentices, etc.) as well as non-commercial home users.


CADEMIA is not only a CAD application. Above all, it is a development platform that can be customised to address the specific requirements of engineering applications.



03.02.2017 | New part libraries

The first part and symbol libraries are now available.

Read more …

17.11.2016 | New version 5

A new major realease of CADEMIA is available now.

Read more …

09.11.2016 | New version 1.4.6

General bug fixes

Read more …
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